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Greenhouse Structures by GGS

Vriesland Growers is a distributor of GGS Greenhouses

GGS has been a world-class designer, manufacturer, and installer of commercial greenhouse structures since 1979 and our greenhouses are built to last. Quality of plant environment is our number one priority when designing a greenhouse structure. Whether you are looking for a Coldframe, High Tunnel, Freestanding Greenhouse, or a Venlo, Curved Glass or Poly Covered Gutter Connected structure, we start with the end in mind: A Quality Commercial Greenhouse Environment. Our industrial greenhouse manufacturing starts with quality materials. CNC rolling machines, hydraulic saws, and welders who are A660 certified to the highest standards transform steel and aluminum into production greenhouses for commercial floriculture, vegetable production, horticulture research, greenhouse teaching facilities, and retail garden centers. GGS has been the choice for greenhouse growers and garden centers all over the world. All of our greenhouse structures come with a complete set of construction blueprints, and growers have the option to hire a GGS supervisor to lead their installation or GGS can provide the entire greenhouse construction crew. GGS installation teams are instructed to our gold standard safety policies and procedures. GGS installations can be found throughout Canada, the US, Europe, Mexico, Japan, the Caribbean, and Africa. Our team of dedicated greenhouse professionals will help you choose the best structure to fit your needs, whether you’re a floriculture grower, vegetable grower, university researcher, or operating a retail garden center. At GGS we understand that each customer and situation is unique, and we will be there every step of the way to ensure you maximize the value for your crops regarding structural requirements, heating, cooling, ventilation, benches, irrigation, environmental controls, and many other greenhouse supplies. 

Contact Pete Schreiber at Vriesland Growers and get started on your new greenhouse today!

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