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Greenhouse Supplies

Vriesland Growers offers a full line of greenhouse supplies including media, plug trays, flats and inserts, hanging baskets, pots, nursery containers, and fiber growing containers.  Below you can find more information on what we handle along with links to the manufacturers we use.  Please call us for pricing and availablity.

Greenhouse Growing Media

Sunshine LC1

A versatile and popular professional mix for a wide variety of containers for vegetables and bedding plants.  LC1 is a mix of Canadian Peat and Perlite with a starter fertilizer.   



Metro 360

Metro 360 is a peat-bark mix and is popular in hanging baskets and for poinettias.

Sunshine LP5

LP5 is a plug mix used to get seeds off to a good start.  It contains peat and perlite.


Redi-Earth Plug - The standard for germination in plug trays. 


A natural occurring mineral, vermiculite is highly absorbent and light weight.  It increases water holding capacity and holds nutrients. 

Available in Medium or Coarse grade. 

As the name suggests, Michigan Grower Products is a Michigan based company out of Galesburg, MI.  The Suremix line of growing media is focused on consistency and quality for the professional greenhouse grower.  Vriesland Growers stocks the following mixes:


Suremix Perlite 10% Soil

A mix of peat and perlite that is very popular for bedding plants and vegetables.


Suremix 360 Clone

A similar mix to Metro 360


Suremix Vinca Pansy

A mix that is especially well suited for growing vinca vine and pansies.

Suremix plug

A great plug mix for starting plants off right.  Contains ActinoIron for seedling disease protection.


Suremix Perennial

A mix that is best for container grown perennials.  Excellent aeration and drainage.


Perlite is used to improve aeration and drainage of the growing medium.  It is light weight with low water holding capacity.

Horticultural Growing Containers

Biotherm Systems

See us for your Bench Heating Systems at:

As one of the largest manufacturers of horticultural containers in North America, East Jordan Plastics has been providing plant containers and plant growing solutions to the horticulture industry since 1947.  Whether you're a bedding plant specialist, plug and propagation expert, or a master of finished product, East Jordan has the flats and plastic inserts, plug and propagation trays you need.  Vriesland Growers stocks a large selection of East Jordan products and can get product shipped direct to your greenhouse.  Due to high demand we encourage early ordering. Please visit to see what they have available.

Plug Trays and Pro Trays

Sold only in case lots

38 Cell ITML Pro Tray  100/case

50 Cell ITML Pro Tray  100/case 

50 Cell Plug Tray               100/case

72 Cell ITML Pro Tray  100/case

84 Cell Plug Tray               100/case

98 Cell Plug Tray           100/case

128 Cell Plug Tray            100/case

200 Cell Plug Tray        100/case

288 Cell Plug Tray           100/case

288 Cell Deep Tray         100/case

406 Cell plug Tray           100/case

512  Plug Tray                        100/case

Flats and Inserts


Sold only in case lots

TFHalf Half size flat 10x10 200/case

AFG    "A" size flat for germinating.  100/case

20RT   20 row tray for germinating  100/case

TF6 Flat  100/case

TF12 Flat  100/case

TF18 Flat  100/case

SF6 Flat   100/case

SF12 Fullside Flat  100/case


S-6-06 High Insert  100/case

S-12-03 Insert  200/case

S-12-04 Insert  200/case

T-6-06 High insert  100/case

T-12-04 Insert  200/case

T-18-01 High     100/case

Pots and Shuttle Trays

Sold only in case lots

4" Round Pots     1800/case

4" Sq Press Fit Pots 900/case

4-1/2" Round Pots  1000/case

4-1/2" Square Pots 750/case

5" Round Pots   900/case

6" Azalea Pots   680/case

6-1/2" Azalea Pots 300/case

7" Azalea Pots  150/case

7-1/2" Azalea Pots  240/case

8" Azalea Pots  210/case

8 x 5" Mum Pans  240/case

10" Azalea Pots  120/case

10" Color Pots #1  sold each

12" Color Pots #1  sold each

14" Color Pots        sold each

1 gal SP670 Trade Gallon   240/case

2 gal ITML Nursery Container 60/case 

3 gal Belden Nursery Container  50/case

3 gal ITML Nursery Container 60/case









Hanging Baskets


10 in Traditional

available in white or green with wire or plastic hangers.

12 in Basket  with 4 strand wires.

available in green, white, mocha, black, and chocolate

Other Greenhouse supplies we sell.

Modine Unit Heaters

Hanging Basket Sleeves

Pot Covers

Shade Cloth custom made in various widths and lengths

Liquid Shade in 5 gal size

Ground Fabric 6 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft and 15 ft wide x 300 ft long

N-Sulate Frost Cloth 12 ft x 250 ft

Seedgard Cloth  12 ft x 500 ft

Inflation Blowers


Exhaust Fans

Horizontal Air Flow Fans

Poly Patch Tape

Stretch Wrap

Mixrite Injectors

Nelson Watering Products

Dramm Watering Products

Gilmour Watering Products

Flexogen Garden Hoses

Netafim Sprinklers

Poly Pipe and fittings for basket lines

Nelson Zone Controlers

Nelson Solenoid Valves

Trueleaf Bench Heat

Galvanized and Black Pipe and Fittings

Celtene Gas Line and Fittings

2 mil, 4 mil and 6 mil Greenhouse Poly

pH Meters and Solutions

Lexan Sheeting and Splice

Rollup Sides

Wirelock and Camlock

Note: Shuttle Trays are made for round pots and

        Pot Carriers are made for square pots.

4" Press-Fit Tray    100/case (for 4 in press fit pots)

4 x 10 Shuttle Tray 100/case

4 x 12 Shuttle Tray  100/case

4 x 14 Shuttle Tray  100/case

4 x 15 Shuttle Tray  100/case

4-1/2" x 10 Shuttle Tray  100/case

4-1/2" x 15 Shuttle Tray   50/case

5 x 8 Shuttle Tray    100/case

6 x 6 Shuttle Tray    100/case


4-1/2" x 10 Pot Carrier 100/case

6 x 8 Pot Carrier    100/case



Western Pulp Products specializes in recycled molded fiber.  Thier products are biodegradeable and sustainable and are the ideal solution for quality plant production. 10 and 12 inch hanging baskets are available with either wire or nylon hangers.  Vriesland Growers stocks the following sized containers sold in case lots.  Pallet quantities are also available by special order.

10" Cascade 22/case

10" Round   22/case

10" Square  22/case

12" Round   22/case

12" Square  22/case

12" Cascade 22/case

12" XL         22/case

14" Round   20/case

16" Round   20/case

18" Round   20/case

9 x 9 Nursery Container 40/case


See Western Pulp's web site for more information and container sizes available by special order.





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